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Insurance for high-net-worth individuals

The right insurance helps you deal with the unexpected, so it is important to work with a team who understand the requirements of high-net-worth individuals and their lifestyles.

​​​​​We work with insurers who provide excellent cover, who have a proven track record of positive claims handling and who offer valued solutions.

We look after the discerning needs of our clients. Precisely designed insurance can save you time and money, especially after a claim. And getting clients back on track is our top priority.

Our service includes:

Free review of your existing arrangements

  • Guidance on risk management - our account managers offer helpful advice on risk management
  • Property appraisals - we help arrange surveys, remote surveys and client appraisals to assist clients in getting the correct values. 
  • Client service - we offer on-site visits to both new and existing clients, and we can deal with our clients in the way that most suits them (phone, email or face-to-face). Our service proposition is set by your agenda. 
  • Security assistance - we also work with industry specialists who provide details of companies that offer full security consultations, safe installations and general advice on best practice to you. 
  • Valuations - we can also assist with valuation services, art consultancy and security coding.

Get in touch with our specialist team today

Call us on  55 4161 2772  and  55 4161 2793 or drop us a quick message and we'll get back to you asap

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