Pensions and retirement planning

Pensions are a vitally important part of the company's personnel policy. Many employees consider them the most valuable of all employee benefits, as they can help create the feeling of financial wellbeing that comes from knowing they are well prepared for the future. 

Pensions are an area where we have a great deal of experience and expertise, and we offer a wide variety of services to a broad range of clients and projects. We have extensive experience from large, complex analyses and reports to much smaller projects advising individuals on how best to plan for their retirement 

Our pensions clients range from some of the largest companies, public enterprises, trade unions and organizations to individuals.

Our expertise includes:

  • Assessment of defined benefit vs defined contribution occupational pension
  • Assessment of pension providers
  • Tender
  • Management pensions
  • Actuarial calculations and studies
  • Impact assessments i.a. in connection with wage negotiations

How we can help you

By working closely with you and the pension provider, we can help design your pension scheme.

Our specialist pension team will:

  • Provide advice to select the most appropriate pension provider
  • Help with the scheme set up
  • Review and advise on pension contribution structures
  • Provide guidance on tax efficiency of different contribution methods
  • Liaise with your payroll provider to ensure payroll and pension interact in an efficient way that minimises administration
  • Engage with your employees after implementation to help them understand how the scheme works, and their options
  • Provide ongoing scheme governance to ensure the scheme structure, provider administration and performance continues to remain appropriate and in line with expectations
  • Make sure your business is taking advantage of the most favourable way to make pension contributions. Consider implementing salary exchange.

Let's discuss your needs

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