General Specie insurance

Specailist cover for precious metals, cash, and cryptocurrencies.

Our team of Specie experts have extensive experience across this highly specialist sector. By combining this with an understanding of each client’s specific risks and approach to insurance, we seek to arrange the right cover at the very best price.

Precious metals and mining

All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage to precious metals at any stage of their process, from the mine to the distributor.

Scope of coverage:

  • Whilst in premises and transit
  • Theft by employees
  • Terrorism, war and riots
  • Political risks such as confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation and deprivation

The type of clients we work with:

  • Logistics Providers and Banks
  • Mining companies
  • Refiners
  • Traders
  • Vaulting Facilities

Banks and Financial Institutions

A Specie policy can work alongside a standard Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB) policy, carving out particular exposures that the BBB Insurers either do not have the appetite for (ATM’s, CIT, high vault limits etc) or are not adequately covered under the BBB (due to high deductible, smaller limits etc).

Cover is on an All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage basis

Scope of coverage:

  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • ATM’s (cash inside and the ATM machines
  • Storage of high value items in a Safe or Vault
  • Cash in Transit, particularly where Banks use their own vehicles


The Specie Market can offer insurance to custodians who provide secure offline storage solutions, so-called Cold Storage, to institutional investors.

Scope of coverage:

  • Physical theft or destruction of cryptocurrency
  • Private Keys; coverage extends to custodian’s employee infidelity, as well as third party theft
  • Accidental damage or destruction of private key data resulting from a physical peril.

We have access to the entire market that writes this unique coverage.

Type of clients we work with:

  • Dedicated Cryptocurrency Custodians
  • Coin Exchanges which offer deep cold storage
  • Financial Institutions looking to keep their own assets offline

Resolving claims quickly and effectively is central to everything we do

Our claims resource is embedded within the team and where appropriate it is involved not just when a claim occurs but in the design and the writing of our policies. This leads to as smooth a claims process as possible. We have a track record of negotiating and settling large and complex claims across the whole spectrum of our business.

We have a strong reputation for creating insurance programmes that go well beyond the norm to deliver the cover that our clients need, not just that which insurers wish to provide.

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Our Specie team is highly respected in this specialist sector

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